3 Quick Ways to Jump to a Specific Slide in PowerPoint

Are you still using the Next/Preview function to switch slides?

If so, then this method should be abandoned. Because apart from being impractical, audiences also have to wait longer to reach certain slides. Especially if the number of slides is very large.

Microsoft PowerPoint already provides a feature to instantly move from one slide to another — just one second!

Here’s a method for moving slides in PowerPoint that presenters should know.

#1 Jump to a specific slide using a keyboard shortcut

Applies to PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2019, and 365.

The easiest way to go to a specific slide in PowerPoint is to use numeric keyboard then press Enter.

For example, if you want to go to slide number five then press the button 5 then Enter. Another example, to go to slide 29, press the number 2 then 9, then press Enter.

However, this method has the disadvantage that the presenter must memorize the slide numbers. Certainly not practical for presentations with solid slides. That’s why I suggest using alternative method #2.

#2 Switch slides using the “See All Slides” feature

Applies to PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 2019, 2019, and 365.

1. When Slide Show is active, right click then select See All Slides. You can also use the shortcut keys G as a replacement.

See All Slides

2. Click the slide you want to display. Microsoft PowerPoint provides previews so you can see the slides easily.

See All Slides Thumbnail

3. PowerPoint immediately displays the slide you have selected.

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The icon of the See All Slides function is also available in the lower left corner of the Slide Show when you hover over it. Besides fashion Presenter View also provides the same features.

#3 Using hyperlinks to move slides

Applies to PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2019, and 365.

This is indeed the most time consuming in the manufacturing process. However, the hyperlink method makes it easier for the audience to understand the order of the slides and the presentation becomes more interactive.

1. Go to menu Insert then click Text Box.

PowerPoint Text Box

2. Create Text Box using the cursor, then write a number from one to the number of slides.

(Please set the color, size, and type of font as needed. My suggestion, try to make it bolder and slightly larger in size.)

Text for hyperlinks

3. Next select (blockquote) number one, then click menu Insertand select Link.

PowerPoint Hyperlinks

4. On the left, click Place in This Documentthen select Slide 1then OK.

Hyperlink settings

5. Do the same for the next slide number until you’re done.

Applying hyperlinks

6. After that, copy the Text Box that has been filled with slide hyperlinks by right-clicking, then Copy.

copy hyperlink

7. Paste (CTRL+V) to all slides. Place it in the same and strategic position.

PowerPoint Hyperlinks

Now slides can be opened by number. If you realize there is an error in this hyperlink, you can still make improvements while the presentation is running.

Those are three ways to get to a specific slide in PowerPoint. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, please choose according to the criteria you need.

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