3 Ways to Restart Chrome Without Losing Open Tabs

Often we are faced with a situation where the Google Chrome browser must be restarted in order to launch an installation process or update the system.

Of course you don’t want the currently open tab to disappear. But is there a way to restart Chrome without losing the previously opened tabs?

The good news is, there are three ways you can try to keep tabs from disappearing when Chrome is relaunched again.

#1 Restart Chrome with the command chrome://restart

The easiest way to restart Chrome without losing tabs is to type chrome://restart then Enter. Instantly Chrome will close and reopen with the same tab conditions.

But keep in mind that Chrome only saves the URL of the page and the number of elements it contains cache. In other words, the page content will reload once Chrome is relaunched.

On the other hand, this method is not suitable for certain scenarios as there is only a split second delay before Chrome starts up again. Therefore, the next method might be a solution.

#2 Use CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen the previous tab

For information, Chrome will remember the row of tabs you are currently open when you close the browser. To open the tab again, just press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+T when Chrome is already running.

CTRL SHIFT T 3 How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Open Tabs 2 CTRL SHIFT T

Just like the previous method, Chrome only remembers the page address and a small number of website elements so a reload is inevitable.

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Below is another method similar to CTRL+SHIFT+T but with more capabilities and features that really help work.

#3 Save Chrome tabs with the OneTab extension

Free extension called OneTab able to remember all the tabs you want to save. Just install the extension, click the OneTab icon, it will condense all currently open tabs into just one tab.

saved tabs OneTab 1 3 How to Restart Chrome Without Losing Open Tabs 3 saved tabs OneTab 1

One such tab contains the page name and URL of the previously active tab. Just click a page or button Restore all to reopen it.

OneTab is also often promoted as an extension to save memory consumption automatically makes Chrome faster and not heavy when used.

This is the way to restart Google Chrome without losing the open tabs. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting 🙂