3 Ways to View Files Ever Opened on a Computer

The computer always reads the user’s usage history, especially any files that have been opened.

For Windows users, there are several ways to look back at the most recent files you’ve touched, whether they were opened, modified, or saved.

Here are three options you can try.

#1 Take advantage of the Recent Files feature to view recent files

In the Recent files column you can see the 20 most recent files that you have created, accessed, or saved. Generally in the form of media files and documents (not EXE programs).

To access it, please run File Explorer > Quick access > Recent files.

#2 More complete information is in Recent Items

Unlike Recent Files, which only displays the top 20 files of media and documents, Recent Items stores more history and variety of files — including programs.

Here’s how to access Recent Items in Windows.

1. Please go to %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\ in the File Explorer window.

AppData Recent 3 Ways to View Files Ever Opened on Computer 2 AppData Recent

2. Right click on an empty area, Sort by > Date modified.

Sort by date modified 3 Ways to View Recently Opened Files on Computer 3 Sort by date modified

3. Now the most recent files are sorted by date.

Recent Items 3 Ways to View Recently Opened Files on Computer 4 Recent Items

#3 Using the much more detailed OpenSaveFilesView software

OpenSaveFilesView 3 Ways to View Recently Opened Files on Computer 5 OpenSaveFilesView

This free software can display file name information, extension, time opened, modified, saved, size, and attributes. OpenSaveFilesView retrieves data from the Windows Registry and processes it for readability.

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OpenSaveFiles can be used on Windows 2000 to Windows 10. You can free download via this link.