4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily

Knowing the website or blog owner’s contact is very important for certain purposes. For example offering cooperation, asking permission to quote writing, reporting something, or just greeting the website owner.

There are several ways that you can easily find out the name and contact of the website owner. In addition, you don’t have to pay at all.

Check out the following guide.

#1 Search for website owners with the help of Whois

Information such as name, address, contact, and company associated with the website must be registered on Whois. You can also access publicly available website data via Whois.

1. Visit Free Whois Lookup.

2. Enter the website domain that you want to know the owner of then Search.

3. If available, you will find a table like this.

domain owner's name 4 Ways to Easily Find Website Owner Contacts 2 domain owner's name

However, please note that many website owners block public access to this information for privacy reasons and to avoid spam.

protected domains 4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily 3 protected domains

Even so, there are still further methods that can help you find the person you are looking for.

#2 Browse the “Contact” or “About” pages of the website

Having an “About” and “Contact” page is an obligation for all website owners. Through this page, you can find website information, including the owner’s name and contact person.

website contact page 4 Easy Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts 4 website contact page

Usually this page can be accessed through the navigation menu which is located at the top or bottom of a website. If you don’t find it, you can randomly try to access a URL like the following:

  • website.com/contact
  • website.com/contact
  • website.com/contact us
  • website.com/about
  • website.com/about Us
  • website.com/about
  • website.com/about-us
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Not infrequently you can also find contact information through fanpages on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It never hurts to check out those pages.

# 3 Utilize Google to find website owner contacts

This method makes use of Google’s search operators to make it easier to find the query you’re looking for. Usually very powerful for finding contact blog owners or other small entities.

1. Visit Google.

2. Enter a query site:website.com “@gmail.com” (you can replace it with @yahoo.com, @outlook.com, and so on)

search operators 4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily 5 search operators

3. See in the search results if there are pages that contain email content.

email found 4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily 6 emails found

This method has the disadvantage that the page must be in the Google index first. Therefore for more precise results, you can follow the next method.

#4 Using Hunter’s help to find emails

Hunter is a very accurate email finder service. It can find multiple emails from just one website, so you can choose the right person to contact.

Hunter is included in a freemium service where you have a limit of 100 searches per month, but if you want more you have to pay.

1. Please sign up for free to Hunter.io using email address and phone number.

2. Enter the website address you want to know.

search for e-mail on Hunter 4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily 7 search for e-mail on Hunter

3. View the results. You will receive the relevant name and email address.

Hunters also have Chrome extension which automatically searches for contacts from the website you are currently opening. This method is more practical and faster than having to search through the Hunter dashboard one by one.

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Like this for example.

Hunter extensions 4 Ways to Find Website Owner Contacts Easily 8 Hunter extensions

Those are some ways you can try to find contacts from a website. Some methods may be more efficacious than others in certain scenarios.

For example using Hunter is more recommended if the target website is a large entity. Meanwhile, to target small websites or blogs, it is more suitable to use method number #2 and #3. So, please choose which one best suits your needs.