5 Advantages of WordPress Hosting Compared to Shared Hosting

Before creating a WordPress website, you must first choose hosting as where your site can run. Basically, hosting or server is a computer that is connected to the internet and is active 24 hours so that the site can be accessed at any time. Now there are two types of hosting; shared hosting and dedicated hosting for WordPress. What is the difference?

In short, WordPress hosting is hosting specifically designed for WordPress users. WordPress hosting has several advantages compared to regular hosting (shared hosting), ranging from faster performance, better security, to special features that make website management easier.

Below I summarize 5 advantages of WordPress hosting compared to regular hosting packages, quoted from various sources as well as my own years of experience using WordPress.

1. Easy to use, suitable for beginners

Comparison of cPanel view with SiteGround’s Site Tools

The average hosting provider utilizes cPanel as a website management control panel. This cPanel display is quite messy and many menus are irrelevant for users.

I still remember a few years ago, one of the WordPress hosting providers, SiteGround cut a number of menus in cPanel to make it more comfortable for users. But in the end they got rid of cPanel and replaced it with a management system that was simpler and easier to use even for laymen.

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The average WordPress hosting provider also adopts the same approach. They simplified the management system interface or replaced it with something different, but certainly didn’t blow their heads.

2. loading your website will be faster

A study from Google concluded that 53% of visitors will leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. In other words, you lose more than half of your potential customers if your website is slow.

The process of optimizing a WordPress website is not easy and requires technical skills. Luckily WordPress hosting can take care of this problem by providing a variety of optimizations that can be done with just one or two clicks. In addition, they also use rows hardware updated to maximize website performance.

It’s like normal hosting is the highway, WordPress hosting is the highway, and WordPress sites are the cars. Of course cars can go faster on expressways than on regular highways.

3. Safer, not prone to hit hack

WordPress is inherently secure, but plugins and themes are usually a source of vulnerability. Therefore users are advised to update plugins and themes to fix security holes that may arise.

Besides that, WordPress also recommends hosting up to date because malware continues to evolve rapidly. The good news is that the majority of WordPress hosting providers have a team of specialists who actively monitor the security of their servers. That way you can focus on your website.

4. WordPress special features that make work easier

downtime detector 5 Advantages of WordPress Hosting Compared to Shared Hosting 2 downtime detector
WPMUDEV’s automatic down detection feature

This is my favorite part. Thanks to high compatibility, several WordPress hosting providers reward their users with a number of features that actually help make it easier for you to manage your website. Here are some of them:

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  1. Instant WordPress installation process: A custom interface aimed at making WordPress site creation even easier. An example is the Instant Deploy feature of WordPress hosting provider Domainesia.
  2. Automatic plugin & theme updates: Not only does it update plugins and themes, but it can also detect if an update results in negative changes to the site so that it can be corrected.rollback immediately.
  3. Notifications when the website down: Some names like WPMUDEV offer an Uptime feature that continuously checks if the website is still active. If a problem is detected, you will receive an email notification so you can follow up.

Actually there are more than what I mentioned above. There are providers who offer premium WordPress themes or plugins for free, install SSL certificates automatically, and check website SEO regularly.

5. Customer service more accurate and fast

In contrast to shared hosting where si customer service (CS) must examine various scenarios, WordPress hosting is more specific and concise so that CS can immediately deal with your problem quickly.

In my opinion, CS speed is very important. Because often when we have to deal with CS it is because of a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with immediately, such as websites down, hardware problematic, databases full, attack hackersetc.

Therefore if you have a WordPress website, it would make a lot of sense to use hosting dedicated to WordPress users. Besides being easier, their staff will also be more agile and accurate in responding to user problems.

Closing: WordPress hosting is great, but…

WordPress hosting is a highly recommended hosting category for anyone with a WordPress site. This type of hosting offers speed, convenience, and exclusive features that are often not available in shared hosting services.

But that doesn’t mean cheap shared hosting services are irrelevant. In terms of price, of course it is more affordable and has a variety of features for various types of website platforms. If you are literate in website technology and have no problem handling website security yourself, then shared hosting can be a logical choice.

In the end, it all depends on your needs and technical abilities. I hope this helps!

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