6 Simple Ways to Stabilize a Computer’s WiFi Connection at Home

Unlike smartphones and laptops which can practically be moved close by router In order for WiFi to have a stronger signal, desktop computers (PCs), on the other hand, must accept a signal state that often irritates the user.

Although computers generally can’t be moved close by routerbut there are some simple steps you can take to strengthen, or at least stabilize the device’s WiFi connection.

Here are six simple ways to make the WiFi signal connected to your computer faster and more stable.

Notes: If you want to make changes to the internet network (WiFi, router), please contact your internet service provider for assistance and further information.

#1 get rid of things blocking the network

WiFi signals generally can penetrate solid objects, including walls easily. However, this situation causes signal intervention which causes its strength to weaken after penetrating the object. The more objects, the more signals you get.

Try cleaning things along a straight line between the computer and the routerespecially if it is another electronic item as signal ‘mixing’ may occur.

#2 Try using WiFi repeater

WiFi repeater works by capturing the WiFi signal and then retransmitting it at a longer distance so that it can reach a room that was previously unable to connect to it router.

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This solution is proving to be the choice of many homes as it is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge. Average repeater can be connected via a home power jack or even USB.

However, even though the WiFi signal is strong, the speed is significantly reduced. In other words, repeater works by sacrificing speed for a wider range. If this is not a problem for you, repeater can be an easy and inexpensive option.

#3 Access point much better than repeater

Access Point 6 Simple Ways to Stabilize Computer WiFi Connection at Home 2 Access Point

Without providing more detailed descriptions, access point and repeater have one thing in common; both extend WiFi coverage.

But the difference, access point does not reduce internet speed. Because access point directly connected to router with a cable so that the speed and strength is maintained. It can be said that, access point like router second in your house.

Sadly, access point relatively more expensive than repeater. The installation process is also a little more difficult because you have to attach a cable to the cable router and install access point in the desired place.

#4 Or use WiFi receiver who has an antenna

WiFi Receiver 6 Simple Ways to Stabilize Computer WiFi Connection at Home 3 WiFi Receiver

WiFi receiver with a USB model similar to flash drive very popular to use thanks to its small size and easy installation. But for better signal quality, I suggest using receiver which has an additional antenna.

These antennas are usually one or two in number. The external antenna is several times more sensitive in capturing WiFi signals. Besides that, receiver with an external antenna is also relatively more stable PING — highly recommended for online games.

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The good news, price receiver the antenna is not much different from the regular model, unless you want to use the super premium variant which can cost close to IDR 1 million.

#5 With USB extension, bring it close receiver to router

Specifically for receiver USB-based, you can use a USB Male to Female extension cable to move it closer to the router. The price of the cable is also quite affordable, around Rp. 20 thousand depending on the length and quality of the cable.

#6 If you can, switch to a wired connection

Edited Ethernet Cable 6 Simple Ways to Stabilize Home Computer's WiFi Connection 4 Edited Ethernet Cable

For those of you who are serious about speed and stability, maybe it’s time to switch to a wired connection. Computer and router can be connected directly with an Ethernet cable. Again, this cable is also very affordable.

Use cable? Isn’t it like the old days again?

It seems so, but a direct connection with a cable is much faster and more reliable for internet business. Cheap Ethernet cables will still be faster than router top though.

In addition, because the computer does not move, the cable connection is considered more reasonable than the receiver which is basically intended for portable devices.

After the WiFi connection to the computer is stable, now all you have to do is set your computer so that the speed is optimal. For example, you can start use DNS for faster and safer internet.