6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35%

Actually, you don’t need downloader software like IDM or EagleGet, because Google Chrome itself is enough to download files from the internet.

Admittedly, Chrome can’t be said to be the fastest. However, there are some tips below that can speed up the file download process on the PC version of Chrome.

Want to know how?

Here are 6 ways to speed up downloads on Chrome that you can apply now!

#1 Enable Parallel downloading feature in Chrome

Parallel downloading is a feature that is currently still experimental in Chrome. According to KeyCDN, parallel downloading can speed up the download process by around 33%.

Here’s how to enable parallel downloading on Chrome PC:

1. Go to chrome://flags/

2. Search for “parallel downloading” in the search field.

parallel downloading chrome 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 2 parallel downloading chrome

3. Then set Parallel downloading to Enabled.

parallel downloading is active 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 3 parallel downloading is active

4. Click button Relaunch to restart Google Chrome.

relaunch chrome 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 4 relaunch chrome

5. After this, you will feel the download process is faster than usual.

chrome download process 6 Ways to Speed ​​up Download on Chrome PC Up to 35% 5 chrome download process

Given its experimental status, parallel downloading may clash with other extensions or features. If you encounter problems, please set parallel downloading to default.

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#2 Remove or disable unused extensions

Some of the extensions in Chrome are known to consume a lot of background system resources, including internet bandwidth. With remove unused extensionsthe internet network can be completely focused on downloading files.

The trick is to visit the page chrome://extensions/ then select which extensions you want to remove or disable.

Chrome Extensions 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 6 Chrome Extensions

If the extension is no longer in use, just delete it. But if you still want to use it in the future, just deactivate it via the lever button at the bottom right.

#3 Close the browser tab during the download process

Close Chrome tab 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 7 Close Chrome tab

It’s no secret that even though the website is fully loaded, sometimes there are a number of resources which is still active in the background performs data transactions without the user realizing it.

For that, it is highly recommended not to open browser tabs that are not too important. You can also take advantage of an extension called OneTab which can condense dozens of tabs into a single tab.

#4 It’s a good idea to leave Chrome to focus on downloading files

Download Chrome 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 8 Download Chrome

It has to do with the activity of other programs on the computer. Because there are many programs that also use internet bandwidth simultaneously real-time and take the share that should be able to be used by Chrome.

Try not to run any programs, especially those that require an internet connection, such as services cloud or online video games.

TIPS: You can do HDD defrag or an antivirus scan while downloading files in Chrome.

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#5 Make sure to always use the latest version of Chrome

update Chrome 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 9 update Chrome

Through updates, Google is actively releasing fixes, adding features, and improving performance in Chrome. Therefore it is very important to always update Chrome to the latest version.

How to update Chrome PC is also very easy, as explained in the following steps:

  1. Click menu icon in the top right corner of Chrome
  2. Choose Helpthen About Google Chrome
  3. Wait until the download process is complete
  4. Relaunch Chrome

#6 Often download large files? Can you use the Online Download Manager extension?

ODM 6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Downloads on Chrome PC Up to 35% 10 ODM

Especially for those of you who like to download giant files, you can install extension free named Online Download Manager.

Simply put, Online Download Manager (ODM) replaces the built-in download function in Chrome. So, there is a kind of special downloader software in Chrome in the form of an extension.

ODM is already equipped with features multi-threaded like IDM, supports various types of file formats, and is able to detect download links automatically. On the other hand, this extension itself is very light and small in size, only around 500KB.

Conclusion: Which is the fastest?

Here are the results of my experiments when downloading files in normal mode, parallel downloading mode, and using ODM.

Normal mode Parallel downloading ODM
File size 207 MB 207 MB 207 MB
Download time 415 seconds 359 seconds 268 seconds

It is clear that parallel downloading 25% faster than normal mode and ODM 35% faster than normal mode. It is clear that ODM is the fastest, but parallel downloading is already very good for downloading activities in general.

Those are some tips to speed up the download process on Google Chrome. Besides that, keep Chrome clean from viruses can also improve browser performance which indirectly affects file download speed.