7 Effective Ways to Get WordPress Detected by Google Within 2 Hours

Being indexed in Google is a fixed price for almost all website owners. Especially for WordPress users, there is a quick way to get your site to appear in Google search results.

Fast, which is meant here, means that in less than a day you can see the URL of the site appear on the Google search page.

In order to avoid misconceptions, it should be understood that the following tips will help websites appear at the top of the list when searched using a query site address (eg clue.id).

I should also stress that the following guide is aimed more at new WordPress sites that expect to be indexed first on Google. Not an old website looking to speed up content indexing.

If you understand, here’s a guide.

#1. Signing up for Google Search Console helps search engines recognize your website

You must use the Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) service if you want your WordPress site to be quickly recognized by search engines. Google exclusively prioritizes sites listed on this service over other sites that are not.

Please register to Google Search Console, just enter the website address and verify then the site is ready to be indexed. Google will provide guidance on how to use it.

#2. Install an SEO plugin in WordPress for a neater site structure

A WordPress site without plugins is like cooking without spices – tasteless. SEO plugins in WordPress help structure your site behind the scenes so that Google can easily identify it.

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The very popular SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. Choose one, then install the plugin on your WordPress website and don’t forget to configure the site, such as entering a title, website description, and so on.

Oh yes, there is a newcomer SEO plugin called Rank Math. Although still young, the potential is very promising. I also use this plugin.

#3. Submit a sitemap in Google Search Console for easy indexing

Although Google automatically prioritizes blogs listed in Search Console, it would be better if you send a sitemap/sitemap index request to get the front queue.

Submitting a sitemap can only be done after you sign up for Search Console and install an SEO plugin on WordPress.

The sitemap address is usually something like this:

  • website.com/sitemap.xml
  • website.com/sitemap_index.xml

Next go to Search Console → Select website → Click Sitemap → Click Add/Test Sitemap → Enter sitemap address → Send. The sitemap index process usually only takes a few minutes or up to 1 hour at most.

#4. Confirm settings robots.txt does not block search engines

Google has a “robot” tasked with crawling billions of web pages in a day. However some settings robots.txt make the site not indexed by Google.

Therefore, to find out whether the settings robots.txt you are safe, please go to the page Google Search Console → Crawl → Robots.txt tester → Trial.

#5. Create content that unique and quality so that visitors feel at home

Google prioritizes unique and quality content. As a new website, this is a valuable opportunity to create such content.

The reason is, if a website appears with a positive impression, Google will not hesitate to place your website at the top of the search engine.

Then, what does quality content look like?

Actually this requires a long answer. But assuming that you are a beginner in content creationyou should make an article that…

  • answer the reader’s problem
  • with photo or video
  • have clear categories or tags
  • links to other sites (external)
  • link to own site (internal)

At least the above criteria are often recommended by SEO experts in making articles.

Research from Semrush found that there is a correlation between the length of time visitors stay on the site and the potential for the Google index

Regarding the number of articles, I myself suggest that there are at least 5 pieces. But if you want to make less than that it shouldn’t be a problem because Google tends to look at update frequency rather than quantity.

#6. Share on social media to trigger Google to index your website

New blog, no visitors from search engines. An alternative that you can do is share the website on social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Simply put, the presence of visitors will invite Google to immediately track your site. If the content is interesting, visitors will feel at home on your website for a long time.

#7. Ask Google immediately rendering website

The final tip is to ask Google torendering main page of the site. This method is different from index queries which involve sitemaps. Google will see how the website looks based on Desktop and Mobile platforms.

If onlycapture web page, what’s in it?

Although not directly speed up the index, this method absolute helps Google’s algorithm know whether a website has a “decent” appearance for visitors to see or not.

So, make sure you use a WordPress theme that is responsive, neat, not heavy, and has a clear navigation structure.

After that, go to Google Search Console → select site → URL Inspection → enter website address → Request Indexing.

Proof moment…

After following all the steps above, it’s time to reap the rewards of your business.

Visit Google, then enter your website address in the search field and see the results.

If your website appears at the top of the list, CONGRATULATIONS! Your WordPress site is officially part of the Google search engine family.

how to get wordpress detected by google

But, wait…

“What if you just search for the website name? Will it also appear?”

The answer to the question above really depends on the name of your website itself.

For example, if you use a name that is not in the dictionary or in the vocabulary of the language, it is likely that just by searching for the name, the website will immediately be found.

Twitter, Instagram, Mashable, and Engadget are brand names for websites that is not a word in a particular language.

That way, search engines practically immediately place it on the top page because it really is only that site is suitable.

It’s different if you use certain words on the website address. Usually it will not be detected by Google immediately and even need to compete with other websites that also use the same word.

For example, the site you are currently visiting is Hint.ID.

how to get wordpress detected by google

The search results are dominated by dictionary websites because the word “guidance” itself is a vocabulary in Indonesian.

In this case, it takes a long time and great effort to be able to beat the existing competitors first.

Apart from that, you still have successfully set foot in Google search results.

It’s still a long way from getting all the content on your website indexed, but the journey of thousands of miles starts with one small step, right?

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