7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2

As a simulator video game, Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) presents various “realistic” challenges to earn money.

Even though basically your job is to drive, there are some tips that can optimize your income in the game.

The following are tips for earning money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 based on my experience (50+ hours).

#1 Choose the route with the highest cost per kilometer

Many players are lured by the high pay on a trip. However, what should be considered is the cost per kilometer — this factor should be a top priority when choosing a job.

Often short distance trips are highly paid because the cost per kilometer is above the average.

#2 Save money, then buy your own truck

Volvo FH 7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 2 Volvo FH

Even though you can send goods with a company truck, the income you receive will be less. If you have your own truck, then your pay will be higher even though the travel profile is the same.

For work with trucks, see the “Freight Market” and “External Contracts” menus.

#3 Choose a cheap but high-performance truck

Scania Trucks 7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 3 Scania Trucks

There are many truck brands to choose from in Euro Truck Simulator 2. But let’s talk about ratios price-to-performancethen I recommend between Volvo FH, Scania Rand Mercedes-Benz New Actros.

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Oh yes, when upgrading, choose parts that improve the truck’s performance. At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to rule out upgrades that are accessories or decorations.

#4 Take a job in the city where you are

One city job 7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 4 One city job

It’s tempting to see high paying jobs in other cities. But you should still take a job where you are at even though the pay is lower.

Because there is no point in bringing a truck without carrying cargo. As well as wasting fuel, you’re also running out of time without making any money.

#5 Buy the “Cargo Packs” DLC because there are expensive cargo variations

Cargo truck 7 Tips to Earn Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 5 Cargo truck

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has an additional cargo DLC which differs from the usual cargo. This cargo takes various forms and ways of delivery. But one thing is certain, the payment you receive is much higher.

There are currently three cargo DLC packs that you can purchase on Steam. But don’t rush, I recommend waiting for a discount to get the most economical price.

#6 The “Map Expansions” DLC also has lots of high paying routes

ETS2 new map 7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 6 ETS2 new map

DLC Map Expansions are relatively more expensive because there are extra areas that you can explore. Apart from that, there are also new routes with higher prices because the terrain taken is also very challenging.

This tip is optional. If you are interested, I suggest once again waiting for a discount. Don’t worry, ETS2 has relatively frequent discounts apart from the Steam Sale.

#7 Choose a specific “Training policy” for each driver

Training policy 7 Tips to Make Big Money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 7 Training policy

By default, “Training policy: the driver you hire is “Balanced”. It is recommended to focus on one specialization, whether it’s ADR, Long Distance, High Value Cargo, Fragile Cargo, or Just-In-Time Delivery.

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Drivers with specific abilities will be paid higher if they deliver cargo according to their specialization. Ideally, each driver has a different “Training Policy” to see which one is the most profitable.

In the end, earning money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not easy. It takes dedication, patience, and strategy — just like real life.

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