7 Ways to Setting Google Chrome To Make It Faster and Lighter

Google Chrome is not only named the most popular browser, but also heaviest browser at the moment.

For those who use low-spec computers, running Google Chrome will take up most of the memory capacity (RAM) and a very high CPU load.

As a result, Chrome becomes slower, often experiencing errors and lag. Sometimes even to Not Responding.

So, how do you set Google Chrome to make it faster and lighter?

The following are 7 easy tips to make the Google Chrome browser run with minimal memory and be more responsive.

#1 Remove unused extensions to unburden the CPU

Even though extensions offer various conveniences, you need to understand that Active extensions can increase CPU load so the main Chrome program has to share the space with this extension.

Here’s how to remove Google Chrome extensions:

  1. Click three dots icon > More features > Extensions.
  2. Click button Wipe on the extension you want to remove.
  3. Click Wipe again to confirm deletion.

TIPS: You can also disable extensions temporarily by moving the slider located to the right of the “Delete” button. This method is useful if you still want to use the extension at a later time.

# 2 Use the default theme so that GPU performance is lighter

Reset to default Chrome 7 How to Setting Google Chrome To Make It Faster and Lighter 2 Reset to default Chrome

Chrome themes tend to be GPU processed. However, for computers that use Intel HD Graphics, it means that the CPU is charged. The default theme offers a look More responsive Chrome and far from lagging.

Here’s how to enable Chrome’s default theme:

  1. Click three dots icon in the top-right corner, select Settings.
  2. On column Appearanceclick Reset to default.

If you just want to change the background image, then Chrome already provides this feature which is much lighter. Please go to the article How to Change Google Chrome Background.

#3 Clearing cache can speed up Chrome when it opens

Clear browsing data 7 How to Setting Google Chrome To Make It Faster and Lighter 3 Clear browsing data

Cache is data from a website that is saved to your computer so that when you open the website again, Chrome will load it faster because less data transfer is required

Sadly, cache sacrifices computer performance especially when Google Chrome was launched. It usually takes a few minutes for the entire Chrome display to fully load.

You can clear cache in the following ways:

  1. Click three dots icon in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  2. Click Clear browsing data.
  3. Then tick Cached images and filesleave the rest blank.
  4. Final Clear data and wait for it to finish.

NOTES: Clearing the cache can make Chrome launch faster but certain web pages load slower the first time they open. This effect only lasts temporarily.

Cache itself is still recommended for those who use quota-based internet packages. Therefore, it’s best to clear cache only if Chrome feels too slow.

# 4 Remove malware that is a parasite on Google Chrome

Clean the computer 7 How to set Google Chrome to make it faster and lighter 4 Clean the computer

Often when installing software you don’t realize that there is malware embedded in the software. In many cases, malware actively sneaks into browsers, runs internet programs, and overloads Google Chrome.

Currently, many antivirus programs offer malware cleaning, but you can also use Google Chrome’s built-in malware cleaner.

Here’s how to use Google Chrome’s malware cleaner:

  1. Click three dots icon in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  2. Swipe down, then click Advanced.
  3. Click Clean the computer.
  4. Click Discover and wait for the process.
  5. Remove malware when detected.

For information, the malware cleaning feature in Chrome not only protects your browser, but also your computer as a whole. So, it’s okay not to use additional antivirus.

# 5 Update Google Chrome to get new features and improve performance

About Google Chrome 1 7 How to Setting Google Chrome To Make It Faster and Lighter 5 About Google Chrome 1

Through updates, Google Chrome developers continue to provide feature and performance updates that make the program smoother when used. On the other hand, you also get extra defense so that malware doesn’t easily attack Chrome.

To update Google Chrome, here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Click three dots icon > Help > About Google Chrome.
  2. If an update is available, Chrome will download the update file and install it. You just need to wait.
  3. When finished, click Relaunch to relaunch Google Chrome.

To find detailed information about updates, you can visit the Chrome Releases Blog.

# 6 Control any tabs that are not being used to save more RAM

How to Setting Google Chrome To Make It Faster

Sometimes when using Chrome you have 5 to 10 tabs open at once. Even though you only use 3 tabs actively. The rest is left open just like that.

Instead of leaving the browser tab open and consuming RAM, it’s best to just close it using the extension named OneTab. This extension allows the URL of the tab to be saved so that it can be easily reopened.

Here’s how to install the OneTab extension:

  1. Visit the extensions page OneTab.
  2. Then click the button Add to Chrome blue.
  3. A new window will appear, select it Add extensions.
  4. Wait for the installation process to finish and OneTab is ready to use.

To use OneTab, simply click the extension icon next to the address bar and all Chrome tabs will disappear while the addresses are stored in just one tab.

OneTab options are also available in context menu (right click) so you can control each tab individually.

#7 Upgrade to SSD to make Chrome super responsive!

HDD vs SSD 7 How to Setting Google Chrome to Make It Faster and Lighter 6 HDD vs SSD

You don’t have to follow this option, but if you have extra funds and want to enjoy the best performance when using Chrome, then you absolutely have an SSD.

The price of SSDs is arguably getting cheaper lately — only 3 times the price of HDDs but with hundreds of times faster performance. Arguably, this is the step that makes the most difference.

Those are the 7 ways to set Google Chrome to make it faster and lighter.

How did it go, did you get any significant performance improvisations? Write in the comments column 🙂

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