Windows 10 gives you the freedom to customize the appearance of the cursor (pointer) according to your taste and needs. Here’s how to change the cursor on a Windows 10 laptop/PC device.

1. Open the menu Start then choose Settings.

2. Select Ease of Access.

Ease of Access 1 Easy Way to Change Cursor in Windows 10 2 Ease of Access 1

3. Go to the menu Mouse & pointers.

Cursor and pointer Easy Ways to Change Cursor in Windows 10 3 Cursor and pointer

4. Please change the pointer display as desired.

Change pointer color Easy Way to Change Cursor in Windows 10 4 Change pointer color

The options above are very basic. You can only change the size, color, and thickness of the cursor while typing.

If you want to change more configurations, please see the advanced options below.

1. Still in the Mouse & pointer window, click Additional mouse settings.

Additional mouse settings Easy Way to Change Cursor in Windows 10 5 Additional mouse settings

2. Continue to Additional mouse options.

Additional mouse options Easy Ways to Change the Cursor in Windows 10 6 Additional mouse options

4. Go to tabs pointers. Here you can set the appearance of the pointer specifically.

Pointers Easy Way to Change Cursor in Windows 10 7 Pointers

The “Mouse Properties” window also has a lot of configurations like swapping left/right clicks, adjusting sensitivity, customizing buttons scrolletc.

Several sites such as RW designer, Cursor Sets, and Skin Packs provide cursorpack where you can get a cursor package with a certain theme and style.

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