How to Block Notification Requests on Chrome PC

Instead of being something useful, the notification feature in Google Chrome tends to be a distraction at work and attention becomes less focused at work.

Many websites offer to enable notifications, but luckily you can reject or even block all notifications from Chrome quickly.

Thus, annoying messages like this will no longer appear when you visit the website.

INFO: The following guide is based on the latest variant, make sure you have Google Chrome updates to the highest version to make it easier to follow.

How to block all notifications on Chrome PC

Done, with this notification from websites that have subscribed and notification requests will no longer appear.

But what if there is a website that you want to activate notifications for?

It’s easy, just click lock icon next to the website address, in the Notifications select Allow. You may need to reload the page to save the new settings.

Allow Chrome notifications How to Block Notification Requests on Chrome PC 7 Allow Chrome notifications

The new settings only apply to the selected website. While other websites will be blocked by default.

In addition to the desktop version, Chrome mobile also has similar features. learn how to block notifications on Google Chrome Android. If you are actively surfing the internet, there is nothing wrong with following 7 settings that can make Chrome even faster.

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