How to Buy Cheap Domains on Namecheap at Discount Prices

Domain prices on Namecheap are among the cheapest.

However, you can get a domain at a discount, which means even cheaper.

Uniquely, Namecheap always has a list of coupons that are valid for almost all domains.

Before that, you need to prepare several things, including:

  • Desired domain name and alternatives
  • Funds to buy a domain
  • Email for registration and login

If you already have the three main components. You are ready to have a new domain.

How to Buy a Namecheap Domain with a Discount

1. Visit the Namecheap site, enter the domain name you want and press Enter to seek.

2. Select an available domain extension name. Click button add to cart to buy it. You can choose more than one.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

3. If you have, click the button View Cart which is on the right side of the page.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

4. Here you can specify the duration of the domain, additional features, other service options, and Promo Codes or discounts. Click Confirm Order If you have finished it.

To view currently active coupon codes, Click here.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

5. At this point Namecheap asks you to log in or create an account using email if you don’t have one. After this you will be redirected to the payment page.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

6. Select a payment method, for example, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, or Bitcoin. For example, here I use PayPal.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

7. After successful payment, click Manage on the domain you just purchased. After that you can start installing the domain on the website.

How to Buy Domain Namecheap

For the record, there are some limitations to the Namecheap domain discount, including:

  • Discounts vary for each domain extension
  • Sometimes only applies if bundled with other services, for example hosting
  • Partly for renewalno register and vice versa
  • Discount only valid in the first year
  • Discount only for new users or old users
  • etc…

TIPS: Namecheap often provides significant discounts on special days, such as Summer Holiday, New Year, or Christmas. It is highly recommended to buy a domain on that day.

So, what domains have you bought on Namecheap? Write in the comments column

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