How to Change the Blogger Name and its Negative Impact

For some reason, you want to change the blog name on Blogger. Whether it’s because of a change of mind, want rebrandingand so forth.

The tutorial on this page presents how to change the Blogger name without as well as a number of risks that must be faced.

This article provides detailed tutorials on what impacts will occur after the blog’s name and address are changed. That way you do not carelessly replace it without understanding the consequences behind it.

Notes: In order to avoid ambiguity between the “name” and “address” of the blog, this tutorial serve both.

How to Change Name Blogger

1. Visit Blogger and select your blog profile.

2. Click menu Settings.

3. Look at the Basic column, then click on Title Edit.

How to Change Blogger Name

4. Enter the new blog name then Save changes.

How to Change Blogger Name

How to Change Address Blogger

1. Visit Blogger and select your blog profile.

2. Click menu Settings.

How to Change Blogger Name

3. Look at the Publishing column, then click on Blog Address Edit.

How to Change Blogger Name

4. Enter the next new address Save.

How to Change Blogger Name

Refresh the Blogger page then visit your blog whose name has been updated.

Important point: Renaming blogs generally doesn’t have much impact on the number of visits. However, changing addresses has a high risk of decreasing visitors.

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Consequences of changing the blog name and blog address

The following are the tablet consequences that you get if you change the blog name or blog address.

Renaming Blogger Changing Blogger address
Losing loyal visitors Losing visitors from search engines
Backlinks are intact Backlinks are gone, except 301 redirects
Alexa Rank remains the same Alexa Rank temporarily reset
Google indexed posts still exist Google indexed posts are considered broken link
No need to wait for the re-index Have to wait for the re-index process

The biggest consequence of course is when you change blog address. It is not recommended if the blog is old and a lot of content has been indexed by search engines.

While changing the name of the blog does not have much negative impact. Only loyal visitors are confused knowing their favorite blog has changed its name, but they can access the blog with the same address.

What if you create a blog with the old address, then redirect to the new blog address?

Technically, this can redirect visitors to the old blog address to the new address. Also make sure to implement 301 redirects so that search engines understand that the address has been changed.

Please read this guide related to 301 redirects on the platform.

How to change the blog address but visitors are not lost?

The best solution is to use Blogger TLD custom domain. The old blog address still appears in search engines, but visitors are instantly redirected to the new Top Level Domain (TLD).

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This method is safer and more secure. The guide from Mas Sugeng’s blog can help us migrate from blogspot to TLDs.

Is the TLD, visitors will not be lost?

The first time you use a TLD domain on Blogger, visitors will experience an extreme decline. But don’t worry, this process just lasts temporary and very reasonable.

Over time Google started recognizing new blog identities and updating their index data.

It must be admitted that this article is far from complete. If something is still confusing, don’t hesitate to write a question in the comments column 😊