A Chrome browser infected with a virus or malware will bring big losses.

At the lowest level, the existence of the virus making the computer run slower, asking to install fake programs, to display unnatural advertisements in browsers.

The good news, the latest version of Google Chrome has provided a built-in virus cleaning feature. Here’s how to use it.

How to clean viruses/malware in Chrome

1. Click the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner then select Settings (Settings).

2. Scroll down and click Advanced (Advanced).

How to Clean Google Chrome from Viruses

3. Scroll to the very bottom again, then click Clean the computer (Clean up the computer).

How to Clean Google Chrome from Viruses

4. After that click Discover (find).

How to Clean Google Chrome from Viruses

5. Wait for the process scanning finished. This virus cleaner feature checks the entire computer.

How to Clean Google Chrome from Viruses

If it has been found, you can click it Wipe (Delete) to remove the virus.

How to prevent viruses from infecting the browser?

Some of the tips that Google recommends are:

  • Avoid downloading files from suspicious (unofficial) sites
  • Avoid downloading pirated programs because sometimes they are infiltrated by viruses
  • Always update Google Chrome to get security updates
  • Always enable features real-time scanning on antivirals
  • Always update Windows to fix security bugs

In addition, please read how to overcome lag in Google Chrome as well as tips to speed up the Chrome browser. These two articles can help improve browser performance.

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