Cache can help browsers access websites faster and save internet quota.

But the accumulated cache can slow down the browser when launched (startup). Besides that, the storage capacity of the PC / laptop is also consumed by it.

It’s a good idea to clear cache periodically. Here’s a guide to clearing cache in the latest version of Chrome.

1. Click menu icon in the top-right corner, select Settings.

2. Select Clear browsing data.

Clear browsing data 1 How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome PC 2 Clear browsing data 1

3. Tick Cached images and files then click Clear data.

Clear data How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome PC 3 Delete data

The cache clearing process may take some time depending on the size. After deletion, some websites may be slightly slower to access, but this effect is only temporary.

  1. Are social media accounts logged out after clearing cache?

    Clearing cache will not log out social media accounts and other online accounts. The effect will only occur if you delete cookies.

  2. Does clearing cache speed up Google Chrome?

    Clearing cache can make Chrome faster to launch and slightly more responsive.

  3. What are the bad effects of clearing cache?

    Some websites are slower when revisited, but only temporarily. Besides that, quota consumption also increases slightly because Chrome has to store a new cache.

  4. How do I prevent Chrome from storing cache?

    You can take advantage of an incognito window or the NoCache extension, which is tasked with automatically deleting cache.

Well, that’s how to clear cache on the desktop version of Google Chrome. It is also highly recommended to upgrade to an SSD so that the browser remains responsive even though it stores a lot of cache.

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