BCA has launched myBCA, a new service for customers that allows us to access all accounts through one application. In short, myBCA looks like a mobile BCA but with a modern look and more features.

However myBCA requires extra security which can only be obtained through the keyBCA security token. Without it, your myBCA won’t be able to do many things, including making transactions (desktop version).

In order for your myBCA to be used optimally, first connect it with keyBCA. Following are the steps.

1. Preparation

There are several things you need to prepare before connecting, including:

  • Computer or laptop with internet
  • BCA ID to enter myBCA
  • keyBCA tokens

If everything is ready, follow the next process.

2. Linking keyBCA with myBCA

1. Visit the page myBCA via a laptop or computer, then enter using the BCA ID that you have.

2. Click the menu Arrangement at the top.

settings How to Connect keyBCA to myBCA 2 settings

3. Select Connections KeybCA then press Add KeyBCA Connection.

add keybca connection How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 3 add keybca connection

4. Enter the KeyBCA serial number. This number can be found on the back of the KeyBCA token.

keybca token serial number How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 4 keybca token serial number

5. Turn on KeyBCA by pressing red button. Enter the PIN, then press the button 1. The code that appears is KeyBCA’s response.

keybca response How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 5 keybca response

6. If everything is filled in correctly, click connect.

connect How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 6 connect

7. The connection process is complete. Click OK.

keybca How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 7 keybca

8. Congratulations. Now myBCA can be used to make transactions.

connect to keybca How to connect keyBCA to myBCA 8 connect to keybca

By connecting myBCA with keyBCA, now a number of features will open and can be used directly through your laptop or computer.

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