How to Cut Videos on Windows 10 Without Additional Applications

Light edits such as cutting video clips can be done easily on Windows 10 PC devices.

Because the latest variant of this operating system is equipped with a built-in video editor application that is quite capable for light editing. That way you don’t need to download additional applications.

The tutorial above is only suitable for cutting part of the video, whether it’s front, center, or back.

But what if a video is 3 minutes long, and we only want to cut out 1 minute in the middle?

To work around this, you can put the same video on the “Storyboard” twice. The first part only maintains the 1st minute, then the second part only maintains the 3rd minute. Thus the 1 minute in the middle is omitted.

You can also use the “Split” feature, but I think the method above is much faster and easier to understand.

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