How to Download Games on Steam Quickly Through These 2 Tricks

How to download games from Steam?

It’s actually not that difficult. However, the method is somewhat different from the traditional download method that relies on a browser or software downloader.

To install games from Steam, You need a Steam account and Steam Client software as the medium.

This tutorial not only explains how to download games via Steam, but also some tips to speed up the process.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get straight to the tutorial.

How to Download Steam Games Quickly

1. Run the Steam program then log in to your account.

2. Find the game you want to download, then click Play Games. If you choose a paid game, you are required to buy it first.

3. Next, you will be presented with a message like the following to select the game storage directory, shortcut, file size information, and estimated download time. Click Next to start the installation process.

How to Download Steam Games

Tips to Speed ​​up Game Downloads on Steam

Besides choose fast internet bandwidththe following tips can help speed up the process of downloading games on Steam so you can play them immediately.

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Tip 1: Choose the nearest server

Nearby servers mean latency times can be minimal. In addition, the division of servers by region also reduces the bandwidth load of Steam itself.

1. Click menu Steam in the Steam Client program. Then select Settings.

How to Download Steam Games Fast

2. Go to menu Downloadsthen make sure Download Region is the country according to where you are, for example Indonesia. Also Bandwidth limit to set to No limit. Finally, click OK.

How to Download Steam Games Fast

In addition, you can also choose a server location that is low on users so that data traffic is minimal. Visit page Steam Download Stats to view internet statistics of Steam users around the world.

Tip 2: Make Windows prioritize Steam performance

Uniquely, Windows 10 is equipped with the option to prioritize certain programs. Thus, the bandwidth and resources computer can be focused on Steam.

1. Run Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar then select Task Manager. You can also open it with a shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.

How to Download Steam Games Fast

2. Go to the Details tab, then search for SteamService.exe. After that right click, Set priority to High.

How to Download Steam Games Fast

3. Click Change priority to confirm changes.

How to Download Steam Games Fast

Can the downloaded game be played immediately?

Technically it is, but sometimes games require certain updates before they can be played. The update process is generally separate from the main game files.

How to change game storage directory?

When you want to install the game, click the down arrow icon and select Create new steam library on drive (partition name). Then click New Folderenter the folder name, OKnext Select. Make sure you choose a drive that has enough capacity for the selected game.

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If the internet is disconnected, is the download process repeated?

Not. Steam will automatically resume the download process after the internet is restored. You can even Pause/Resume the download process at will.

Will closing Steam stop the download process?

No, because Steam automatically runs in the background system. The download process continues even if you close it. But if you really want to close it, click the menu Steam then Exit.

If I log into Steam on another computer, do I have to download the game again?

Because it’s a different device, then you have to download the game again if you want to play it on a different computer.

Can after downloading game files get corrupted?

Never heard of a game case that corrupt or damaged after installation on the user’s computer. If anything, it’s generally due to user error, such as malware, accidentally deleting important files, and so on. Files from Steam are guaranteed to be flawless.

I’m lazy to wait for the download, can I buy a Steam CD?

Unfortunately you can’t, Steam purely provides online game download services. They do not provide physical game files such as CDs. Please head to the official video game retailer for a physical cassette.

How do I delete a game that has been downloaded?

Run Steam, go to menu Library. Then on the list of games, right-click on the game you want to delete, click Uninstallthen Delete. To play it again, you have to download the game file again.