Accidentally archived an email and don’t know where to find it?

It seems you are not alone. There are many Gmail users, especially Androids who accidentally archive important emails but struggle to get them back.

Don’t worry, archived emails not deleted. The email is still in your Gmail account.

There are extra steps to finding archived emails in the Android version of Gmail. Here’s the guide.

INFO: The tutorial below is based on Gmail view Indonesian. If you are using another language, it is recommended that you adjust it to make it easier to follow.

For a guide to finding archived emails on Gmail PC, click this link.

How to search archived email

Very easy isn’t it?

In addition to going through the “All email” folder, you can also search for the desired email using a query from the email content, sender name, sender address, or title.

In order not to experience this incident again, it is highly recommended to disable swipe function in Gmail Android.

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