How to find out the sound card installed on the PC

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

INFO: For the latest Windows 10 users, you can go directly to Start, then type “Device Manager” and open the program.

Why is there more than one sound card?

Not all of them are sound cards, some are just audio drivers or external audio devices such as speakers or headphones. As my example above, NVIDIA High Definition Audio is a feature extra for NVIDIA graphics card users.

Do I need to buy a sound card?

No need. Modern computers are equipped with a sound card that is embedded in the mainboard. Sound card is a computer need of the past, now the sound card is directly embedded in the motherboard.

Currently, several sound cards sold in the market are for professional needs such as recording studios. Meanwhile, for daily users (including gaming), the default sound card has done its job very well.

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