How to Install a WordPress Website in ‘cPanel’ in 4 Minutes

Unlike other CMS, WordPress is fairly easy to use and not difficult in the installation process.

You can create a website in WordPress less than 5 minutes.

This tutorial will explain how to install WordPress on cPanel hosting which of course is self-hostednot

Before starting, there are two things you need to prepare, namely website domain that you have registered and hosting package which has been active.

You can use domains and hosting from different services or the same service. Here’s the guide.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

1. Log in to your hosting account cPanel you then search Addon Domains.

2. Enter the domain name in the column New Domain Name, usually Subdomain and Document Root will follow automatically. After that click Add Domain.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

3. If the domain is successfully added, a message like this will appear. Please note that if you use hosting and a domain from a different service, the nameservers of the domain must be the same as the hosting first.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

4. Return to the main cPanel page and click WordPress.

Please also note that sometimes WordPress options are not clearly displayed on the cPanel page but are hidden behind installer certain. In this case you can ask the hosting provider.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

5. Then, on the WordPress installation page, click Install Now.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

6. Select the communication protocol, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, select http:// just. Then select a domain, while directories generally do not need to be filled in.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

7. Provide a site name, may be different from the domain name. And enter a description or slogan for your WordPress website.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

8. Select a user name for administrator, password, and email address. Don’t forget to write down this login information because you will need it later.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

9. After that you will be asked to choose the language of the site, the default plugin (not required), and the theme (not required). Finally, click the button Install to start the installation process.

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10. You will receive a login page ending in wp-admin where you can enter using the username and password that was created earlier.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

At this point the tutorial is complete and your first WordPress site can be visited. However, there are still many things that need to be done such as adding plugins, setting the display, filling in the content, and registering it with Google.

I don’t present the things mentioned above in this tutorial, considering that it only focuses on how to install WordPress in cPanel. Further configuration you can do yourself. There are many references that can be found on the internet.

That’s the guide to creating a WordPress site via cPanel. I hope this helps.