How to Know Out WhatsApp Group Members

When you want to leave the WhatsApp group, there are usually two choices of attitudes that we often encounter. First, walk out straight away without saying a word. Second, say goodbye to group members, whether explaining or not explaining the reasons for leaving.

It should be noted, currently it is very easy to find out who left the WhatsApp group. If you don’t know how, please refer to the following tutorial until it’s finished.

1. Open the app WhatsApp on your cellphone, then search groups which you want to see any member who left.

2. Tap group name.

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3. Scroll down until a description appears see all on the participant list.

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4. Tap see all.

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5. Scroll down and tap see previous participants.

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6. Group members who leave will be displayed, starting from the name, date, and time they left.

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Member names are only available for the last 60 days from leaving the group. If it is more than that time, the name of the group member who left will not appear.

Regarding this WhatsApp group, someone who wants to leave the group should say goodbye first to other fellow members, both to the group admin and the participants as a courtesy or a form of mutual respect for one another.

That’s how to find out the WhatsApp group members who left, hopefully this is useful.

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