How to Make Cheap Calls Abroad (Starts IDR 72/Minute)

Call rates abroad are generally very expensive. Even tens of thousands of rupiah per minute.

But actually there are applications that can help you make calls abroad at very cheap rates — as cheap as local calls and can be used by all telecommunication operators.

Want to know how cheap it is? Here’s an overview of the rates.

Country Rates
Canada IDR 72/minute
United States of America IDR 115/minute
Australia IDR 201/minute
Singapore IDR 236/minute
Malaysia IDR 274/minute
Saudi Arabia IDR 1,293/minute

The rates above are based on USD to IDR conversions in June 2020. To see call rates to other countries, see this page.

How to make cheap calls abroad (all operators)

1. Please Yolla app downloadthen register using your phone number.

2. Tap menu icon.

Menu icon How to Make Cheap Calls Abroad (From IDR 72/Min) 2 Menu icon

3. Select Add credits. Credits can be considered as a kind of credit balance on the Yolla application.

Add credits How to Call Overseas Cheap (Start Rp 72/Minute) 3 Add credits

4. Choose the amount, from $4, $8, to $16. Then click Next.

How to Make Cheap Calls Abroad (Starts IDR 72/Minute) 4

5. Select a payment method, credit/debit card, PayPal, or Google Play, then Make Payment.

Make payment How to Call Overseas Cheap (From IDR 72/Minute) 5 Make payment

6. Complete the payment according to the method you choose.

Payment How To Call Overseas Cheap (Start Rp 72/Minute) 6 Payment

7. The credit balance will be automatically filled.

Credits added Cheap Ways to Call Overseas (From Rp 72/Minute) 7 Credits added

8. Please make calls abroad as usual. You can see the rates first in the “Prices” menu.

Call abroad How to Call Abroad Cheap (From IDR 72/minute) 8 Call abroad

The following is proof of the history of overseas calls along with the fees charged. Only $0.148 or Rp 2,127 to call Singapore for 9 minutes!

Yolla 1 Way To Call Overseas Cheap (Start Rp 72/Minute) 9 Yolla 1

Yolla allows you to make calls to the regular telephone network (landline). This means that the recipient of the call does not need an application. However, you will not be charged if both parties use Yolla.

  1. Will my credit be sucked when I make a call?

    Not. Yolla’s phone costs depend entirely on the credit you have filled.

  2. How to get free credits?

    Yolla offers a “Get free credits” program where you can earn $3 for inviting friends and $0.01 for the Testing Program. Please see the offer at Menu > Get free credits.

  3. Can you make phone calls to other Indonesians?

    Of course you can, the rates are as stated on the Yolla application. In fact, I see that the rates they charge are relatively cheaper than local telecommunication operators.

If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column.

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