Adobe Photoshop has almost all the features you need to edit photos. One of them is the ability to create luminous effects (glow in the dark) such as the moon, neon lights, or lightsaber Star Wars style.

It turns out that creating such an effect is not difficult. You don’t even need any additional plugins or brushes. Like this for example.

The following guide is based on the look of Adobe Photoshop CS4. Other versions may be slightly different but the features available are more or less the same.

How to make glowing objects in Photoshop

It is highly recommended to choose a color (Color) based on the original color of the object being made to shine. For example, a yellow object would be more realistic using a yellowish light effect.

While “Opacity” and “Size” reflect the intensity of the emitted light. If necessary, you can add a Spread (step 5) to show the strength of the light.

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