How to Reset Google Chrome to Initial Settings

For some reason, you chose to reset Google Chrome settings so it looks good as new again.

Generally this step is done if Chrome feels heavy, loading slows down, ad malware problems, or just restore browser settings to default.

Whatever the reason, you can reset Google Chrome to its default state easily and don’t need to reinstall it.

How to reset Google Chrome to initial settings

1. Click the three vertical dots icon on the top right side of Chrome then select it Settings (Settings) or simply visit chrome://settings/

2. Scroll down and click Advanced (Advanced).

How to Reset Google Chrome to Initial Settings

3. In the bottom column, click Restores settings to their original defaults (Restore settings to their original defaults).

How to Reset Google Chrome to Initial Settings

4. Finally, click Reset settings (Reset settings).

How to Reset Google Chrome to Initial Settings

5. Wait for the process to finish. It usually takes less than a minute.

What was deleted after Google Chrome was reset?

  • Cookies and site data will be deleted
  • Pinned tabs will disappear
  • Installed themes are removed
  • Extensions are disabled but not removed
  • Content settings for all sites are reset
  • The main page and new tabs are returned to their original state

Meanwhile, components such as bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and cache are not deleted.

You can also clear Google Chrome’s cache if you feel it’s burdening startup performance. Updating Chrome to the latest version is also highly recommended to ensure performance and security.

Oh yes, if you feel Google Chrome is very slow, I’ve posted 7 tips to make Google Chrome faster and lighter when run. Maybe the article can help.

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