How to Rollback WordPress Plugins Quickly

It’s not always a good plugin update. There are also cases where a WordPress site becomes messy after updating certain plugins.

Instead of deleting it, you can take advantage of the features rollback plugin to the version before the error occurred.

The method is very easy to follow for beginners. No need for cPanel access, no need to ask CS hosting, and it’s as easy as installing a plugin. That said, you only need 1 minute to rollback WordPress plugins.

Check out the following guide!

How to rollback a WordPress plugin quickly

1. Install the plugin named WP Rollback to your site. For those who don’t know, please read how to install a plugin on WordPress (self-hosted).

2. Then go to page Plugins and click the button Rollback on the desired plugin.

Plugin Rollback Button

3. It will show which version you want. Accompanied by changelog to see updates in each version. Then, click Rollback to start the process.

Choose rollback version

4. WP Rollback plugin will suggest you to make a backup or staging. This is optional considering it’s very rare errorbut still recommended.

When you’re ready, click Rollback.

Starting plugin rollback

5. Wait for the process rollback done. Last click Activate Plugin to reuse it.

Reactivate the plugin

This method only applies to plugins available in the WordPress repository. While plugins from external sources (eg premium plugins) cannot use this method.

Oh yes, in addition to plugins, WordPress themes and versions can also be downloaded.rollback with this way.

That’s the way rollback WordPress plugins. I hope this helps.

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