How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others

When using WhatsApp, sometimes you have to send evidence of conversations to other people because of an urgent or important matter, whether it’s via screenshots or the copy feature that is already available in the WhatsApp application.

Many people already know about sending conversations via screenshots, while sending conversations via the copy feature, most users don’t know about it. If you are among those who don’t know, please refer to the following tutorial until it’s finished.

1. Open the app WhatsApp on your cellphone, then tap chats you want to copy the conversation to.

2. When the chat is open, please tap while holding chat the.

Screenshot 20221116 064933 How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others 2 Screenshot 20221116 064933

3. If a colored line appears covering the chat, go ahead tap chats that you want to copy, then tap copy feature.

Screenshot 20221116 064958 How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others 3 Screenshots 20221116 064958

4. Go ahead open someone else’s WhatsApp chat which you will send proof of the conversation, then tap while holding on the message typing field until the caption appears. If appears paste descriptionplease tap the description.

Screenshot 20221116 065057 How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others 4 Screenshots 20221116 065057

5. If the proof of the conversation has been successfully pasted in the message type field, please tap send.

Screenshot 20221116 065112 How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others 5 Screenshots 20221116 065112

6. Proof of conversation successfully sent.

Screenshot 20221116 065132 How to Send WhatsApp Conversations to Others 6 Screenshot 20221116 065132

Please note, proof of conversation can also be posted on other platforms, such as Telegram and email. So, its use is not limited to the WhatsApp application, because when you have copied the message, you can share it on many platforms.

Sharing conversations via the copy feature is no less effective than screenshots, because the time of the conversation will appear. So, please choose which method best suits your needs.

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That’s how to send WhatsApp conversations to other people, hope this is useful.