Use more than one monitor? You must have noticed that there is one taskbar on each monitor.

In fact, the ideal number of taskbars is one on the main monitor. However, how do I get rid of the taskbar on the secondary monitor so that it only appears on the primary monitor?

Make sure you have specified the primary monitor, by the way right click on desktop > Display settings > Select monitor > Make this my main display.

Before — Taskbar is on both monitors
Taskbar on primary monitor How to Show Windows Taskbar Only on Primary Monitor 2 Taskbar on primary monitor
After — Taskbar on main monitor

TIPS: It is recommended to use Windows 10 latest version to be able to follow the tutorial more smoothly.

How to show taskbar on main monitor

Removing the taskbar on the secondary monitor gives extra space for programs to run in higher dimensions/resolutions. You can also hide the taskbar entirely if you wish.

Taskbar functions generally display running programs or shortcuts for certain applications. But it turns out that it can also monitor internet speed! Look how to show internet bandwidth on Windows 10 taskbar.

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