How to Use Incognito Mode in the Google Maps Application

Google Maps is the most widely used map application by, because the application has a variety of useful features, one of which is the incognito mode feature.

Some users rarely use the incognito mode feature, some of them don’t even know that Google Maps has this feature. As for using incognito mode on Google Maps, please refer to the following tutorial.

1. Open the app Google Maps on your cellphone, then tap profile picture which is located in the upper right corner.

2. Select turn on incognito mode.

iMarkup 20221229 143943 How to Use Incognito Mode on the Google Maps 2 Application iMarkup 20221229 143943

3. Wait a few seconds and incognito mode on Google Maps has been successfully activated as shown below.

iMarkup 20221229 144020 How to Use Incognito Mode on the Google Maps 3 Application iMarkup 20221229 144020

By using incognito mode, there are several advantages that you will get, including:

  1. Does not save browsing history
  2. Not sending notifications
  3. Does not update location history or shared locations
  4. Don’t use your activity to personalize Maps

That’s how to use incognito mode on the Google Maps application, hope this is useful.

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