How to Use Video Pop-ups on the GoTube Application

In the previous article, we discussed the GoTube application, specifically regarding the features of the application, starting from playing videos in the background and watching YouTube videos without ads.

As for this opportunity, the discussion is still about GoTube, namely how to use video pop-ups. Through this one feature, you can watch YouTube videos while doing other work on the same device.

Using video pop-ups is very easy, because you only need to activate the feature. If you don’t know how to activate the video pop-up feature, please refer to the following tutorial until it’s finished.

1. Open the app GoTube on your cellphone, then type in the video title or channels what you want to watch in the search column.

2. If the video you want to watch has been found, go ahead tap videos the.

3. Tap appear.

4. Tap allow when an app requests permission to appear on top of other apps.

5. Enable the allow button with shift it to the right.

6. Tap return sign.

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7. Tap appear Again.

8. Here are the results where you will also find information turn in popup mode.

9. Videos still watchable even if you are doing other activities on the same device.

10. If you want to increase the size of the video, go ahead drag the edges of the video to the right and left.

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11. As for deleting a video, you only need to drag the video pop-up to the cross until it turns red, then release.

Video pop-ups are suitable for videos that require visual focus when playing them, such as movies or anime. As for content that doesn’t require visual focus, please choose to play YouTube videos in the background.

That’s how to use video pop-ups in the GoTube application, I hope this is useful.