Is it true that Google will remove

Many rumors say that one day Google will delete Blogger. Some are even inspired by internet marketers to encourage using other platforms such as WordPress because it is more independent.

Regardless of the motivation, one fundamental question remains unanswered.

“Will Google delete Blogger?”

The answer: No.

In the following I will explain why deleting Blogger is a step that is impossible for Google to do, at least in the near future.

Let’s get started.

#1 Blogger is designed to expand content on the internet

The number of Blogger-themed groups is a sign that content creators are still loyal to this platform

Blogger is a long-term mission for Google. They not only add new services, but also stimulate their main business.

To make it easier, I’ll break it down in order:

  1. Google is a search engine
  2. Search engines need content
  3. Blogger provides content

Do you understand what it means?

Google wants to encourage internet users to create as much content as possible because search engines rely heavily on it. Blogger is here to answer the needs of these challenges.

The existence of a free platform and the ease of using it can expand the reach of content on the internet, and of course Google is very happy about it.

#2 Google itself uses Blogger as its main blog

Blogger's main blog
As a form of trust, not a few companies use their own products

A cosmetic entrepreneur who uses his own cosmetics to prove that the products he makes are really safe and trustworthy.

Similar to Google, they are still using Blogger as a platform to publish their blogs. For example, Google’s Official Blog page, Indonesia’s official Chrome Google Blog, Google AI Blog, and Official Blogger.

You can visit one of the links above to prove that they are still publishing new blogs.

#3 Blogger is still being updated until now

Blogger's new look
Blogger’s front page is more beautiful than before

There is an argument that Google seems to ignore the existence of Blogger so there is a high chance that this service will be killed at any time.

I’m sure the person who said that would never use Blogger again.

Blogger users who have been active for a long time must be aware of various major and minor changes to this platform. Call it the implementation of HTTPS, local domains, adding templates, to redesigning the dashboard.

Indeed, I admit that the updates provided by Google are irregular. There is no fixed date, sometimes several times a year sometimes not at all.

But the update is usually done when Google is changing the search engine system on a large scale. So, updates are only carried out on important aspects.

Another “invisible” update is a security update. Because Blogger rides on Google’s servers, every server improv will certainly happen simultaneously so Google doesn’t have to bother announcing it.

#4 Deleting Blogger means destroying Google search engine

blogspot index on Google
There are at least more than 800 million pages that use blogspot, not including those using the Blogger custom domain

Let’s just say that one day Google deletes all of Blogger at the same time.

For sure, there will be chaos in the search engines.

Many blogs are indexed on the search page. However, as a result of being deleted, users who clicked on the page actually found the error message “Sorry, this blog has been deleted” or “Error 404: Not Found”.

Spontaneously all search results around the world will change due to the absence of blogs from Blogger.

Not only that!

Users also feel uncomfortable using Google and eventually switch to another search engine — something that has become a nightmare for Google.

Blogger is too attached to the Google search engine. Deleting Blogger means destroying Google itself.

This reminds me of the case of online motorcycle taxis that have been operating for several years, then the government plans to remove them because they are not in accordance with the law. However, this was not implemented because online motorcycle taxis were too attached to the community and contributed to the economy. Removing online motorcycle taxis is tantamount to damaging the country’s economy.

I’m sure you’ve got my point.

Still in doubt?

Check out the following questions and answers.

Google+ just removed, let alone Blogger?

Google+ barely contributes to the search engine. In addition, the deletion of Google+ was caused more by data leakage problems than the lack of users.

Again, deleting Blogger can jeopardize Google’s position. They have to think 4-5 steps ahead if they really want to shut down this platform which I think it’s more economical to keep it alive.

What if Blogger is completely deleted?

Of course, an announcement will be made in advance and notify users to immediately migrate to another platform. There are many alternative platforms as well as guides to do it yourself easily.

However, I’m more sure that Google stops registering new blogs than deleting them. Because, many blogs are ignored by their owners but their content is still perched on the Google search page.

As I said, deleting Blogger will cause chaos in search results. It would be wiser for Google to let them exist but stop new users from signing up.

Is Blogger still relevant?

Of course. As a platform blog publishing, Blogger is still quite relevant to the needs of content on the internet today. The updates provided by Google basically keep Blogger on par with the growing trend.

For example, when Google “requires” the use of SSL, Blogger immediately provides the HTTPS feature by default.

If you just want to publish a blog while looking for additional income, I think Blogger is enough. Meanwhile, for more complex professional websites, you can install WordPress as the main platform.

Well, those are some reasons why Google (guaranteed) won’t delete Blogger.

How about your self? Do you stay loyal to Blogger or switch to another service?

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