These 4 Shortcuts Can Zoom Google Chrome Display Quickly

Google Chrome has a zoom option (magnification) so that users can easily see small content from a web page.

Luckily there are many ways you can choose to zoom in (zoom in) and zoom out (minimize) on this Google’s browser.

Here are 4 ways to zoom Google Chrome on a computer.

#1 Zoom in with CTRL+ and zoom out with CTRL-

The easiest way to zoom is the shortcut key combination CTRL+ or CTRL- that’s on the keyboard.

Button layout CTRL itself is in the lower left / right corner, while the button Plus And minus flanked by the zero (0) and Backspace keys. Both desktop and laptop computers, the button position remains the same.

Exception for Mac, the location of the CTRL (Control) key is next to the Fn key. While the Plus and Minus buttons are flanked by zeros (0) and Delete.

How to Zoom Google Chrome

#2 Access zoom via the Chrome menu if the keyboard doesn’t work

How to Zoom Google Chrome

You do this by clicking on the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner then on the options Zoomclick the plus sign (+) to zoom in while the minus sign (-) to zoom out.

Unfortunately you cannot open this menu when Google Chrome is in full screen mode.

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#3 Combination of the CTRL key and mouse scroll to make zooming faster

How to Zoom Google Chrome

If you like to do things quickly, then this method will definitely be your favorite.

The trick is to press a button CTRL on the keyboard then scroll the mouse up to zoom in or scroll down to zoom out.

#4 Pinch the screen to zoom if you are using a touch screen

How to Zoom Google Chrome

With a touch screen, just use your finger to zoom in and out of the web view.

To zoom in, use two fingers then get closer to each other slowly. And vice versa to zoom out, then paste two fingers keep them away from each other.

  1. What is the maximum zoom level?

    Zoom in level (enlarge) can reach 500% while zoom out (reduce) up to 25%. The default zoom condition is 100% where you can see the level on the right address bar.

  2. Is the zoom setting permanent?

    Of course. For example, if you zoom in on a website, the website will still display a customized view at any time, unless you reset Google Chrome.

  3. Does zoom apply to all websites?

    Unfortunately Google Chrome only provides individual website display zooms. But maybe you are interested in trying full screen mode.